Are you thinking about how to sewing patterns. I have one of the original versions of the singer futura machine and wow! Tonight we are launching brand-new and i am down to maybe a little over 300 of these now, maybe about 400 if i am lucky. Several hundred of you when online and pick whe this up even before we got to the presentation. But if you are like me for years and years one of my favorite things to do is to monograms to personalize. I always say when it is made from the hand it is given the from the heart. So why do the cheater way i do will go get a premade throw blanket and i will embroider it or if i emb want to do monogramming. If you go on pinterest right now one of the hottest tomahawk as things for girls who are in college is monograms. They are monogramming everything.

The cutest thing i saw was commerce tennis shoes and they did a monogram on the tongue of the tennis shoe shoe–hottest, hottest things. They are taking their college hoodies th and putting their initials on the hood it is everywhere. My dream was to have an was to ha embroidery machine i turned to singer and hsn this is where i got mine and i have actually one of the original models. What makes this extra special is if you are going to buy an embroidery machine get this, if you are this, i thinking about buying a really good sewing machine get this because it truly is an all-in-one. So let me show you everything that is included because you can do so much and this is the newest model is t saved for our show tonight.

We are $300 to off any retail store out there, we have a special savings for tonight and we have five flex payments only for this evening. With about 350 now remaining but here n is the problem they will sell out. First off you get the machine is huge! Hook it up to a hook i computer and it becomes magical. You also get with this a thumb drive which is awesome and on the thumb drive you get the software you need to load on your computer. You get hyperfont, advanced editing, and autopunch and darlene cahill will explain that in just a second. On in top of all of that you get the standard accessory collection acc plus you get some extra goodies. You get the embroidery unit, the large tube, the small group, you get the endless embroidery hoop and i will show you that.

Here is this is the endless embroidery hoop hello–large hoop, small hoop. Beyond that you get bobbins and scissors a usb cable, the presser foot is included, the software is included, so and you get the arm with the accessory tray and all the goodies inside a of there. There is the big hoop and small hoop and the endless hoop. Okay darlene cahill you know this is like my kno baby this is the one i dreamed for years of owning and i got it so many years ago and i still love it until this day. This is a fully functioning stand-alone computerized sewing machine. You can see that there is light in the tower to the right and left of the needle. Great for quilting with 8 1/2 inches from the needle to the neck and it converts to an embroidery machine.

Emb when you add this arm wh and you plug-in to your personal home computer you are now going to have your own embroidery machine that will rival some of the top brands that are $6000-$8000. I want to show you my computer screen is so important you see how large your software will look. Your software loo will be this big instead of a tiny little square on the front of your sewing machine. So what you see here is a computer program with co the future on it. Now watch this box because w as i slide on my continual hoop that is what i will do right wha now. I will slide this on watch how simple it is. Eye lift the foot and slide this on it watch what happens on wa the computer screen.