Many companies offer sewing newsletter. Let’s talk about this sewing machine. Things that other people could do. Without a sewing machine. We have the very best as we like to refer to the gateway of sewing from singer. It is a brand-new model we have never had before. The most ever you get great accuracy y on this as well because it is a electric machinery. It is easy. Even if you have never saw this before and you are looking for machine wash by the time we are done you know we what i do want to do what this project. This is the machinery for you. Let me show you the rest of the story because it is absolutely impressive. What do we have the most stitches ever and eight ever and electronic machinery you are also getting a extension table.

In addition that is addition included in our included exclusive bundle. Then we get these guys right get here this is incredible. With this configuration only you are getting the most are feet we have ever done. Would you start selling with this and you want w to progress and get more creative and try new things as you get better you have all the fee to be able to absolutely explode your explode you creativity. I will start over here i will go to these really quick and then darlene cahill will tell you what makes this sheet so spectacular. Right there it is called the it is c straight stitch that is the classic we have the zipper the overcasting the gathering foot the satin stitch foot the general purpose foot the world hem foot this is the cut him a foot which is really like eight mini this is your buttonhole your blog hem foot is included with this as well.

Then we go appeared he gets according to get this upper piping foot the channel foot make the your own channel it is fabulous the french put you get the adjustable seam guide this is a flower stitch foot that will blow you away absolutely adorable. This is the even feet walking foot if you are doing quilting it is prayer qu you get the roller foot debating foot the invisible zipper foot in the up until foot you the can see the sky over can here that non-stick foot is right there for all i of your final you also get the special shake the button sewing foot and the parallel sewing foot as well. It makes f it accurate. You also it get a dust cover. Here’s just a really quick look at this incredible value.

And this is your again chance to get the machinery that really gets you into sewing and i mean in a very big and impressive white.

Singer has brought you the inspiration you need to get the look that you want we have so much in store for you the next few minutes i will demonstrate 12 of the 24 on his feet that you on will be receiving with this. The first thing you will want to do is turn they had with until the needle is all the way up and lifted the price foot then turn on the mushy because watch what happens to the needle when you turn on the machinery. Did you see how i adjusted itself ? You don’t want it to do a little dance when it a is down seven first is d thing you do is lifted up. Then you might want to try one of the 24 different feet isn’t it nice that they are all snap on snap off. Most of them are. And then you might want to try a might stage so let me show you how simple it is now how that we have that ready to go all show you how easy it is to program.

Those 100 different stitch different patterns everything you need to know is right there on this graphic. All the stitches 13 different to one step go show that in a minute look at all of the satin stitches here’s how it works. You have your worth 10th column your one’s column. It is that simple. If i want this number 54 ago 1-2-3 45 and 54 a 1-2-3 for i am done. The sideways arrows are for the stitch with that makes sense. It makes a seven point all i want s to keep it there and the length is four the length stitch length and i want to go to. 3 doubt now watch what happens. Watch let’s practice with the different stitches when you first get the you fi mission you might want m to do that. You might to want to take it for a test drive test out the stitches see how it operates. And one of the things you notice is it will start slow. And will then you can use the speed control one of the electronic built-in features to speed it up as you gain confidence a do you hear ? Now it is really going to town. You can get to know you machinery on this first day by trying out the stitches and seeing that led light illuminate the area using this lovely extension table.

Boston up lighting your material. In addition to the extension table it really is wonderful. Because you will find especially will when you are beginner kind of going through materials it is everywhere you an uncomfortable feeling with a lot of fabric we have asked with that extension table it spreads without you have a nice flat surface to work on and it really helps you to got it more evenly. She is just beginning to presentation. There is a lot to show you in this mushy. Just remember we are doing this one day only. This. Available in retail has it more stitches than we have ever done and more feet than we have ever done.