Are you searching a interlock sewing feature in you sewing machine. I want to make a confession. I am not a seamstress, but i am fascinated by sewing machine. This one promises to make it so easy. This is a finger legacy. Finger singer licking the licking the manufacturers retail price on this. $2225.98 our holiday price $999.95. We are shipping it to you for free with anyone on your list for that matter. Oh my goodness when somebody be so glad that fans of golf with this under the tree.5 flex pay of $199.99 $199.99. Finger in the 19 sewing machine. It combines towing and imported functions now you do not need multiple machines when you are selling finger singer selling and info ordering sewing and embroidering it is my professional quality, but you made a right at home with your finger singer over a $2000 machine.

Maybe you have been looking at it, coveting it. Wishing and wanting it. This is a holiday gift to you for less gif than $1000 for a $2000 machine that does all of that embroidery and all of these pitching for you pitching 200 t built-in stitching 200 built-in design even a heavy duty metal framed art for everything. Pitching stitching him in a pair of pants h to monogramming a baby blanket. You can sew something sensational hem it has a value added accessory package as well. You’re getting everything you need with him wondering here is hi the how the-0– width of the embroidery hoops just now at hsn for our holiday price under $1000. Less than $200 to get it home on flex pay. Look at that. Look at the embroidered placemats. Personalize anything per that you want to be able to make. They are making fun of me because my daughter wanted to make a box–fox costume.

Actually she wanted me a to make a fox costume. It has every feature it that you need with the built-in stitches. With the built-in embroidery. It is a computer. It is really, simple to use. R it even comes with a it dvd. If you’re like me, a beginner, this is a be going to be a great way to get started. If you are stepping up to this and you have always been wanting it because you have, maybe you have a sewing machine and you want an embroidery machine. It is time to upgrade both. You get an all-in-one machine. But at the embroidery on at that throw blanket. I boarded that is. You can get a cheaper blanket and you can order whatever you want.

That is already built in. But that that would be joy filled in. You can pillows, throw, baby clothes, anything that has a pattern you can ha get started on this. It has, this, the dvd can put this on your put the computer and will walk you through how to do everything. You are like shannon, i already know how to do those things. I have been sewing for years and years this is a great upgraded machine. Great, you can get started right a way. There are so many features on this brand-new legacy machine that you do not even the know how to use. When know you put in the dvd and you start watching it, you will find there is y so many things that you can learn how to do that you do not even realize you could do with your importer reads and import sewing machine.

So, it really is just a world of embroidery and sewing machine a great gift to give anyone. Maybe they had a sewing machine and they had embroider. This is a great way so they can have that automatic professional looking embroidery. Look at the stockings that you can make. Some different features and ideas that you can get online as well for all different kinds of crafts. Everything. Really, the sky is the limit.