hi I’m Ruthie and today I’m back with another pattern review and this time it’s the very popular true bias Nikko top but before we go into that I want to talk to you quickly about the jewelry that I’m wearing and styling with the Nikko tops today because it’s by Ana Luisa jewelry who are very kindly sponsoring this video Ana Luisa is a jewelry brand based in New York and if you’ve seen very many of my videos you may have noticed I’m a little bit of a magpie for jewelry.

I love statement and unique pieces but recently my tastes have got a little bit more refined particularly for work even though I’m just going to work I still like to wear nice jewellery and feel a little bit special and that’s exactly what Ana Luisa is for me it’s everyday luxury which is there like tag line and it really epitomizes what it is so it’s incredibly high quality with lots of the pieces using 14 karat gold it’s designed by incredible designers some of which have worked with Louis Vuitton and Gucci and each piece is individually handcrafted. serger vs sewing machine which is the best?

so they have really sustainable and responsible practices and of course it is somewhat reflected in the price but it’s nowhere near as expensive as you would expect and you can read more about their pricing on their website they’re really transparent about all the processes so obviously I’m really pleased that they sent me three pieces as well so I’m wearing the Sekaimi snatched earrings which I just love they feel like good-quality heavy but not so heavy that they would drag your earlobes down or be uncomfortable to wear this is the Maya necklace so it’s like a moulded coin the shape it’s just gorgeous and I think it really works very well with my new Nikko top and then.

you may have noticed this gorgeous gold ring which the Adelle cocktail ring it’s quite small so mine on my little finger but you can get different sizes of course so so you can go and check that up in the link down below and on top of that I can offer you a discount these feel like really staple pieces of jewellery that I can wear pretty much every day and feel really special which for me is what I’m looking for more and more in my handmade wardrobe as well so back to the niko top now you may have seen that.

I self drafted a kind of similar top sleeveless turtleneck a little while back and in that video I did mention the Nikko top as a suggestion if you did want to use a pattern so it might be a little bit surprising that I ended up going with in the coop when perhaps okay them self drafted something similar it’s true however sometimes you just don’t have the time or inclination to draft and sometimes it is better to leave it to the professionals as much as I love that top it is a different thing and it doesn’t have like the same quality of drafting and not quite up to the standards of the true bias pattern drafters and I absolutely love true bias as you know those fine there patterns really on trend fashionable this tend to suit me the drafting is always really top quality and the instructions are so so good so I took the plunge and brought the neato top pattern it’s also a dress pattern and it’s made for Jersey so it’s a knit pattern.

if you haven’t worked with knits before this is quite a good starting block although because it is quite fitted you need something with a lot of stretch so I made a size 12 in this and I find that true bias patterns tend to be quite true to size and I tend to go for a size 12 on most things I maybe could’ve got a little bit smaller now bear with me on this because obviously this looks pretty tight but on some of my other fabrics there’s a lot less like recovery so I’m definitely going to have to take them in a little bit I’ll talk about the fabric a little bit more in a minute but as you can see the pattern is aimed to be quite a basic staple piece it’s yeah it’s a jersey pattern you’ve got the dress option you’ve got a sleeveless option or like long-sleeved options and it’s as I say it’s such a simple pattern it would definitely be one of those ones you could use as a starting point to really hack and play around with as well and I got the PDF but it is available in printed format

so fabric wise have made- in organic cotton jerseys and one in the bamboo stretch so first of all the organic cotton jerseys the first one I bought was the striped one and I bought that as a kind of wearable 12 fabric which I got from rolls men’s in Lewis ham sorry they don’t have an online store and I was quite surprised to see it there so I nabbed it as quickly as I could and their prices are really reasonable so I think it was about 4 pound 15 meter which run organic cotton Jersey is yeah a bit of a steal so I think I’ll probably go back and get the other colors because they had a few different options but I went with a basic gray and white stripe so that was my 12 fabric stupidly I did n’t pre wash it.

because I was in a bit of a hurry I thought it would be ok it has shrunk a little bit but not to the point where I can’t wear it so yeah I’m just about ok with that but learnt my lesson well I say that but that’s not the first time I’ve made that mistake so chances are I will get impatient again and do it again I don’t recommend it not a good idea but it hasn’t worked out too badly this time the only thing is the sleeves are a little bit short now but I just wear them kind of pulled up a little bit so that it looks intentional difficult to do a stripe for a toilet.

I think for the first time that you make a pattern I haven’t quite worked out pattern matching but that’s maybe something that I will work on in the future I don’t particularly mind stripes being off a little bit I don’t know I feel like that is such a terrible thing to say and I know lots of people are always kind of criticizing high street stores and stuff for that bad pattern matching I tried it didn’t really work out and it’s quite tough because you do have to like stretch and ease certain parts of the pattern so you’ve got a stripe like I’ve got it’s yeah a little bit difficult to really make the stripe matching completely accurate on the whole top.

but I say I don’t really mind I think it’s easier when you’ve go ta small stripe like that to sort of overlook bad strike matching that’s what I’m telling myself anyway and the second fabrics that I made one with is this ripped organic cotton Jersey which is from Ray stitch that was a lot more expensive about 16 pounds a meter I think this one actually is probably the one that is my least favorite it’s definitely stretched out the most as the fabric doesn’t have a huge amount of recovery but it does the job it’s really nice I do need to go back and make it a little bit smaller because as.

I say it has just stretched quite a lot and it’s recovery just doesn’t seem to be quite that so again another lesson learned but I it’s a really good basic stop I really needed like long-sleeved white or kind of off-white creamy top to have in my wardrobe it goes with so many things and finally I made this one which is by far my favorite and probably one of the VAP my favorite pieces in my ward robe in general I wear it so much I’m sad.

when it’s in the wash and it’s just so nice and easy to work I there’s barely anything in my wardrobe that it doesn’t go with and this is a bamboo jersey again from Ray stitch again sixteen pounds of meter it’s definitely worth it it’s a really really nice feel if you haven’t felt a bamboo stretch before then you need to get your hands on some because it is so soft and so nice bamboo was well.

it has the potential to be a much more sustainable fabric than cotton because it uses less water to make and it also is a lot sturdier in terms of the plant so it doesn’t need pesticides unfortunately the production of it isn’t quite following these rules but bamboo could be a fiber that we use in order to be come more sustainable without clothing production so yeah this fabric.

I highly recommend and I will be buying it in every color going because it’s just gorgeous and yeah I love wearing this top so onto the pattern it’s really simple if you haven’t made something from the Jersey before then this could be a great starting point the instructions are true – true bias form and super super easy to follow they really hold your hand and yeah make it really understandable there’s also a sew along online.

which again makes it much easier it’s constructed exactly how I would construct a top like this it’s constructed exactly how you would expect it uses clear elastic in the shoulders arms in order to stabilize them and just ensure that they don’t they don’t stretch or anything like that and otherwise yeah very straight forwards simple and sensible instructions for a top like this I think it’s incredibly well drafted.

I haven’t made any fit changes and I really love how the polar neck sits on the neck especially in this fabric it’s for me absolutely perfect and it doesn’t feel too tight nor is it too loose although on my other two it is a little bit looser but again that’s partly because the fabric doesn’t have as much recovery as this one does so there’s not a huge amount to say about this pattern.

I definitely will make the dress version at some point I will make the sleeveless version and some and I’m definitely going to make loads more of the long sleep version because it’s all I want to wear it’s absolutely perfect for me especially for work in the office and yeah if you’ve been thinking about this pattern I highly recommend it I realize there are a few other patterns that are similar.

I did self draft something that wasn’t too dis similar particularly to the sleeveless version so you could go with this one or you could go with another pattern if you haven’t made something similar or something out of Jersey before then definitely true bias tends to be a little bit simpler or more thorough on the instructions than for example named clothing they expect you to have some experience even with their begin the patterns.

I can’t really speak for the four they’re like similar top to this which is the the Paola I think it is I can’t really speak to that because I haven’t made it so I’m sure it’s just as good and it doesn’t really matter which one you choose but definitely I can categorically recommend then the co-taught by true bias and the reason I chose that as well as because It end to find that true bias drafting fits me quite often out the packet It end to find that the true bias sizing and drafting tends to suit my body shape and you get to know which like indie companies.

which pattern companies and have that drafting for a similar body shape to you if that makes sense and to bias is always like a pretty safe bet for me but I would love to know if you’ve made any of the other patterns or the neato top and what your thoughts are on the difference between them if there is a difference and whether we really need all of these different options for it.

I’m not sure we do and definitely choosing it’s yeah very very difficult but but I’m glad that true bias did the nice top because it’s worked out pretty well for me and i might not have considered the power top or perhaps.

I’m completely wrong and they completely different let me know what you think in the comments below because I really love hearing from you if I don’t reply to all of them then I’m so sorry it’s just because I’m incredibly busy. Best sewing machine for beginners

but I do meet every single comment so yeah I really look forward to hearing from you on those don’t forget you can use my discount codes for the alan Louisa jewelry and that is route 10 the link is down below and thanks again to Ana Luiza for sponsoring this video and my lovely lovely jewelry that I will absolutely cherish but that’s it from me today I hope you have a wonderful week couple of weeks hopefully it won’t be too long till my next video.

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