Are you thinking about where to sell sewing machines. Let’s talk about antique machines. So, you have that antique sewing machine, setting around your house, and you’re not quite sure what it’s worth. That’s one of the most common questions I get, as an antique appraiser, is hey, my grandmother had an antique sewing machine. What is it worth? Oh, by the way, it’s a Singer. The Singer is one of the most common names, but sewing machines area very hard sell, and very hard to appraise, but people think that they’re worth a lot of money, because their grandparents used it, and it was well used. You have the tabletop models, and you even have the, they even called me, and said, It even has the pedal driven sewing machines. It’s just, the value on sewing machines has really depreciated, because people only really collect what they remember, and sewing machines are not what they remember, and they’re not really using them today.

One of the most popular sewing machines that is still selling, is the Singer Featherweight, the Singer Featherweight 221. This is not a model of that. It usually, generally comes in a black case. They even come in a white model, where the sewing machine is white. It’s a little bit more popular, not popular, worth a little bit more money, because it’s white, but the most common one is the black Featherweight, so not all sewing machines are, not worth that much money, the Feather weight is. This particular model is a Singer, and I get a lot of people going, Oh, but it’s a Singer, and I ask if it’s in a box, and they say, Yes, it’s in a box, but it is not one of the Featherweights. It still works, and somebody will be happy with this, but the price just isn’t there. They generally go for about seventy five, eighty five dollars, and they don’t sell that fast, because in today’s market, you can go buy a brand new one, that works perfectly, for practically the same price, and that’s what brought the value down on the sewing machines

The Easiest DIY Scrunchies- No Sewing Machine

 Is there something behind me? No, I dyed my hair blue Accidentally, so how does that happen, you may ask. Well, let me set the scene for you. It was midnight a couple of days ago I had just come out of the pool with my friends because when it’s summer in Australia, you can swim at like 10 p.m At night and the water is amazing temperature, my friend Jess is like let’s dye our hair and I was like, okay I want something really subtle like a subtle pastel purple because I put a pastel pink through my hair a couple weeks ago And it was really subtle and within a week it faded down to like just a really nice rose gold color I was like perfect That’s all I was so she brings out the Manic Panic which is like this hair Dye that I now know is really really strong.

We were in the manic state then the panic wouldn’t you the next morning? So we mix it with conditioner because that apparently will make a dye pastel colored No, no, so we mix it with conditioner. She applies it to my whole head. There’s no mirror in front of me So I have no idea what it looks like. Let it develop ten minutes because I was getting a bit nervous So I’ll just do 10 minutes. That’s all go wash it out. I come home at like 1:00 in the morning look in the mirror and it is the most electric purple you’ve ever seen I was like because that’s so bold. This is not like my normal style You know to me I’m freaking out because I’ve work in a few hours like the next morning Which is really scary because my workplace is really conservative and no one has bright purple hair I start freaking out I look to the internet the internet says you can apply baking soda and detergent to your hair and scrub it in because it’s Extremely abrasive which I didn’t really want to do because I know it will ruin my hair But I thought anything to try and dull down this color, right? So I do that nothing. It does nothing We saw washed my hair about three times again. It’s just staying the same purple So go to bed at 2:00 in the morning freaking out wake up at 6:00 a.m. Very sleep-deprived Very anxious rush along to the supermarket and get a color removal kit And I try and do that before work and so it develops for 45 minutes and then I’m like I’ve got to go to work So I just wash it out. Hope for the best like pull all my hair back like this put it into the smallest bun I can and put a massive scrunchie on it to disguise the color and Basically what that color remover did is it removed it from the top half but the bottom half because it had been previously Bleached like a year or two ago.

It’s just soaked up all the color. So now I have this interesting kind of like situation and that leads me to how this video has happened because I wanted to make more scrunchies so that I can Hide this at work because there’s no good way to take this out so I’m just going to have to ride it out, but I want to make some cute scrunchies that I can wear to work and Disguise this a little bit. Thank you for listening to my story time and that’s how I accidentally died My hair electric purple.

Anyway today I’m going to show you how to make some scrunchies Let’s get started normally to make a scrunchie you need a sewing machine and elastic but this tutorial you won’t need either of those I’m using remnants that I found at my local fabric store. These were all discounted because they’re under half a meter in size Which is awesome.

I think they were like two dollars each begin by cutting out a piece of fabric That is 40 centimeters by 10 centimeters These are the pieces that I’m using if you’re using a striped piece of fabric make sure the stripes face vertically instead of horizontally This is just because it will look better when it’s assembled now Normally you’d use elastic but you totally can do if you have some but I’m going to be using some hair ties That means the process is going to be slightly different make sure that the right side of the fabric is on the inside then take your hair tie and Pinch the fabric into the center of the hair tie like this Starting at that area you pinched begin by doing a running stitch along the entire length of the fabric as única You’ll need to scrunch up the fabric amongst itself so that you have enough space to work And once you reach the end tie a knot and then turn the fabric inside out.

Well, I guess to the right side Put one of the open ends inside the other open end and then fold the raw edge inside on itself as I was editing. I realized that I somehow lost the final clip of this But to finish this off all you need to do is take some matching thread and just Do a running stitch and then tie it off because the thread is a matching color. You won’t notice that at all This is how they turned out. I think they’re really cute and I love that I can just have one on my wrist and chuck it into my hair when I need to it’s definitely the easiest sewing thing that I’ve ever made and These crushed-velvet ones are my favorite addition to my wardrobe.